Formulations elaborated in industrial processes with high quality standards, which guarantee reliable parameters according to each product and market.

It provides elemental nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur. Micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, among others. Source of energy due to its carbon content (organic matter) that serves as food for the native microbiology of the soil and is essential IN SOIL REGENERATION PROGRAMS by reestablishing or colonizing the rhizosphere (area where the roots of the crop are developed). It can be applied during soil preparation, when incorporating organic matter to promote its decomposition. It solubilizes soil nutrients as amino acids are a molecule with chelating capacity.

IDEAL FOR ELEVATING THE EFFICIENCY OF INORGANIC FERTILIZERS (SOLUBILIZING EFFECT OF PROTEINS) and very easy to apply because it is a soluble liquid and can be dosed through pressurized irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, micro-sprinkler, etc.).



AGROMARSA 4-1-1 biofertilizer formulated with natural ingredients of marine origin, excellent source of primary nutrients (N-P-K), secondary nutrients such as sulfur, magnesium and others. Its

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AGROMARSA 5-1-1 is a liquid biofertilizer, of excellent quality and rich in amino acids of fast absorption. It is a good source of primary nutrients

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