Formulations with 100% organic ingredients, elaborated by highly certified industrial processes, which guarantee their composition and physical-chemical profile, to offer the farmer the best alternative in products to nourish the soil and crops.

They contain a high percentage of organic matter and essential nutrients, which, through the process of microbial mineralization, are gradually released, making them available to plants for a longer period of time. They activate the development of beneficial soil bacteria, promote the reproduction of useful microorganisms and stimulate the roots to release exudates that favor nutrient solubility.

It is a nutritional complex of micro and macronutrients that promotes robust root growth and provides QUITIN, which when digested by soil microorganisms, produces QUITINASE, an enzyme that degrades the exoskeleton of nematodes.

Its high content of organic matter contributes to more permeable, spongy soils, with greater retention of nutrients and moisture. They provide calcium in a form that is highly assimilable by plant roots, which helps prevent deficiencies.

As a biofertilizer it is a soil improver, fertilizer potentiator, compost bioactivator, restorer of the biological balance of the soil, source of amino acids, proteins, chitin, macro and micronutrients.

It is recommended to mix with other materials to facilitate the application, it can be mixed with granulated fertilizers to enrich the supply and assimilation of nutrients. In compost mixes to enrich microbial activity and with mineral rock meal to increase nutrient solubility.



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AGM 8-2-0 is a nutritional complex of micro and macronutrients that favors robust root growth and provides Chitin, and being

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