We are an avant-garde Mexican company, producer of high quality organic fertilizers and committed to the protection and improvement of the environment, complying with the highest standards, thanks to our own infrastructure and laboratories that allow us to guarantee compliance with the requirements of our customers.

We are strategically located in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The agricultural heart of Mexico, from where we operate our production, marketing and distribution processes throughout the national territory.

Our goal is to contribute to the productivity of the field and the maximum potential in the development of your crops.

The processes with which we develop hydrolyzed and granulated fertilizers in AGROMARSA allow us to guarantee a high content of free amino acids that are rapidly absorbed by plants, giving them a top quality nutritional value.

They contain 100% natural nutrients necessary for soil health, plant growth and development such as the major NPK elements as well as some secondary elements such as (S), (Ca)(MG) among others.

They have a high concentration of organic matter, which works as a soil enhancer, increasing its water retention capacity and promoting soil biological activity.

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